Black and White Outfits for Totally Timeless Looks (And How to Style Them)

Dawn Schuster

Posted on September 30 2020

Black and White Outfits for Totally Timeless Looks (And How to Style Them)

Black and white outfits are one of the chicest pairings. Coco Bombay celebrates these two colors with some incredible craftsmanship and stunningly embroidered fabrics.

The Never Ending Trend

Many colors and trends have gone in and out of style, but one thing that’s constant in the world of fashion is the domination of these two shades. Black and white outfits always make for some great looks, but pairing them correctly can be a bit of a challenge.

White embodies elegance and freshness while black makes a bold, mysterious statement. Together they are stunning if worn right. Combining the two colors wisely gives you an incredible range of looks, from minimalistic to floral, dramatic, and playful.  


Draping yourself in only black is an effortless 24/7 style. You can add some contrasting shades to add some depth to the look too.

Sequins on Top

Our Bollywood Nights Short Kimono is every bit as dramatic as it is elegant. Staying true to its name, the Bollywood Nights short kimono lays out a muted black canvas with a dazzling array of gold sequins and threads for a dash of glitter on a bold sky. It’s super comfortable to wear too, as it takes inspiration from the humid days in India. Wear with the Kashmiri Fields pants for a perfect black and white outfit.

Evening Wear Pants

Alternatively pair this with our Bollywood Nights High Waisted Pants for a look that will turn heads everywhere you go. Going to a birthday party in a luxurious hotel? Or trying to take a photo that’s totally Instagram appropriate? This attire is sure to make you shine whilst being the epitome of comfort. 


An all-white aesthetic is super easy on the eyes, and it just gives off an angelic, sophisticated vibe. Perfect for those warm evenings and to showcase your tan. Amongst the glory of solid black and monochrome black and white outfits, people seem to have forgotten how incredibly versatile white can be (so long as you stay away from the tomato sauces).

Top with Kimono

Our Kashmiri Fields collection - it goes with every look you can think of, but an all-white would just be the staple one. Pair these pieces with a black t shirt and you have simply chic black and white outfits. The gold sequins aren’t over the top, but they demand attention. 

Dressy Pants

Pair a black turtle neck for colder weather or a black tube top with the beautiful Enchanted Palace High Waisted Boho Pants for a gorgeous yet comfortable look. The Enchanted Palace Long Kimono recreates the intricate patterns from magical old India to make for a chic outfit. 

How to Mix and Match Black and White 

A monochrome story is everlasting in the pages of fashion. Aim for a color-block style, encapsulating white and black prints and patterns, or a punch from accessories of those two colors in an otherwise all-black or all-white look. Chunky gold or silver jewelry with bring the opposite shades together perfectly.

The Moonlight Wanderer Long Kimono shows how black and white are a match made in heaven. Over the dark black canvas, the thick gold sequined border, along with the white embroidery, accentuates the overall opulence of the piece. It goes flawlessly with any two-piece or can be matched with our Bollywood Nights High Waisted Pants or Kashmiri Fields collection to truly show off the power of black and white outfits.

Give it a Go

You can never go wrong with a black and white look. The high contrast style screams “chic” and adding a bit of boho layering into the mix only makes it more fashionable! 



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