From a Dream to a Reality!

Dawn Schuster

Posted on February 03 2018

From a Dream to a Reality!

For many years I have had the dream of starting a Fair Trade company that will better the lives of women in need whilst also creating beautiful things. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I often run before I can walk, and I throw myself into most things in my life head first. With this project however, I made sure to prepare, set a strong foundation and really do this right! I have been coming to India for the past 10 years and I fell deeply in love with this crazy, eccentric and magical place. I realised that there was no other place that I could begin my dream.

I can never get enough colour in my own life, whether it is with the clothes that I wear, the paint on my walls or the places that I love most. India is an explosion of just that. The fabrics, shoes, accessories and people are a melting pot of psychedelic, rainbow magnificence. I wanted to create a brand that would merge the amazing tribal embroideries of the North Indian villages, with the flowing colorful silks of the south. I then translated these into beautiful shapes for the Western woman. This was where Coco Bombay was born – a fusion of East meets West with one of a kind pieces that combines hand tie dying, hand embroidery and vibrant colours.

Working with a small family that I met in Goa, I got things off the ground with my Etsy store , but to find the women who I could really help and work with long term would be more of a challenge…


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