Kimonos on the Way :)

Dawn Schuster

Posted on February 08 2018

Kimonos on the Way :)
fabric and anu
Aruna and some Rajasthani trimming

The last couple of mornings have consisted of me attempting to teach the girls English grammar, which I have now realised I am totally clueless about. Them trying to teach me Hindi is even worse, as it goes in one ear and out the other; but we are having fun. I was also tasked with teaching Aruna how to use a computer. I showed her how to type in bold, underline and how to use the spacebar. Looking at her total computer illiteracy, it  made me realise how crazy it is that I spend most of my working days on one of these things. We are living in this virtual world that has become our strange reality. I was the last of the teenagers who didn’t have social media and I am sooo thankful for it. I wonder where someone like Aruna fits into this new social media driven world, as she embarks on her first legal job. Is it possible to be successful in 2018 without being a part of this social media and hi-tech frenzy?

irritated boy
He is not impressed

I am really excited to reveal that I made my first order from my new kimono fabric supplier. The materials are AMAZING and are all hand embroidered. Aruna and Nalini will make such stunning kimonos out of them and I can’t wait for the samples to arrive in a couple of days. In order for the girls to make the kimonos properly and keep the sequins intact, I needed to buy an interlocking machine. This happened to be on the other side of Mumbai but I stupidly offered to go and pick it up. Although I have been here a week, it was not until today that I realised the unbearable, lung clogging pollution in this city. It took two trains to get there, which I didn’t actually mind as an Indian train is my favorite place for people watching. Unfortunately though, Indians love to stare back, and the way people were looking at me made me feel like an albino, three legged alien. A TWO HOURRR rickshaw ride back, and the new machine was set up and ready to go!

Finallyyyy reached the sewing shop

I haven’t yet shared the absolute cuteness of Aaboo the amazing founder of the fantastic charity we are partnered with. He is literally a human. Check him out in the photo below and try not to squeal from his cuddliness. What he along with the others are doing to help women trapped in sex trafficking is absolutely incredible. Tomorrow I am going to visit Sonapur (the Red Light District) for the first time. I’m kind of nervous.

Human Teddy – Aaboo

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